Treasure Hunts

Pirate Style

Sea Drop

New Beginnings


To join our presale you must earn the rank of Boatswain (WL2), Chiefmate (WL1) or Corsair (WL1).

Besides having the coolest PFP in the NFT space, holding a Lost Pirates will give you immediate access to AR-powered treasure hunts with prizes in SOL and extensive/exclusive artistic content.

The collection will be launched exclusively on Magic Eden.

The collection consists of 5550 pirates.




Cap’n Wailancrai


= Collab-god, a.k.a. the “connector”, a.k.a. father of the ice creams

Cap’n Bode


= Loremaster, riddlemaster, tends to twist his own tongue

Cap’n Tochi


= Turns discord into harmonies. Mod-KING, but very bad at trivia

Cap’n Luis Davies


- Very good at drawing pirates

Our Vision

To lead the NFT community into the realm of Augmented Reality and bridge the gap between the physical world and the Metaverse.

Our Mission

To pioneer AR-treasure hunts with tangible, long-term utility and growth opportunities for our exclusive pirate community.